September 29, 2009

Our Hallowedding: The Invitations!

I really appreciated all of your responses when I asked you to help us choose our Hallowedding invitations!  After taking all of your thoughts into consideration, I decided that I liked the idea of the boxed candy invitations best.  So I began my search for 5x7 mailer boxes.  Unfortunately, I put the task of making my invitations off for too long.  I needed to get the invites in the mail this week; not only would it take too long for the boxes to arrive, but the shipping costs put them just over my budget.

I was a bit disappointed in myself because I think the boxed invitations would have turned out great.  But I came up with a new design that I hope you like just as much!  They're a lot simpler than the boxed invitations would have been, but I think they turned out pretty well!

I designed the invitations in Adobe Illustrator and had them printed at Kinko's.  I know that Kinko's isn't the greatest for print quality, but they turned out better than they would have on my home printer.

I designed the pocket template in Illustrator, too, and cut them with my Cricut.

I used a bone folder and a ruler to make clean, sharp folds.  I put a piece of heavy cardstock under the paper that I was folding so that it wouldn't damage my table.

I also cut the vellum with the Cricut, and attached it to the pocket with a hand-held Xyron adhesive dispenser.  I used an adhesive eraser to get rid of any stray sticky.  Once the vellum was all stuck down, I used the same Xyron tape to close up all the flaps.

Finished!  Now for the envelopes...

I picked up some black envelopes from Staples, and printed the label wrap on full-sheet label paper and cut it out with a small paper cutter.

I downloaded both fonts for free from  "Happy Halloween" and the names on the address labels are Danzig 4P, everything else is Another Typewriter.

So, what do you think?  I really like them in person, but I can't help but think about how great those boxed invitations would have been.  Have any of you had to change any of your wedding plans because you simply ran out of time?


  1. They turn out GREAT!!! Love them!! for a second I forgot you own a Cricut, and I was thinking WOW that must be A LOT OF work cutting - silly me!!
    I am even more jealous at your fancy cutter now :D hehe

  2. It is! Your name looked the best : )