October 14, 2009

The Doxie Engagement Soiree

I feel like I've been such a bad blogger; it's been nearly a week since I've written anything!  I hope you accept my apologies... things have been pretty crazy around the Doxie household what with everything that's going on this month.

That said, I'm excited to share our engagement party with you!  Mr. Doxie's parents are so incredibly sweet; they flew me to Canada this weekend to spend Thanksgiving with them.  They also threw us an engagement party for about forty of their nearest and dearest.  I was absolutely blown away by how warmly I was welcomed into the family.  It makes me that much more excited to be Mrs. Doxie in May! 

I had never been to an engagement party before, and I'll be the first to admit that I was a liiittle nervous to meet everyone.  I'm a pretty shy girl.  But everything was positively perfect!  The party exceeded my expectations, by far. 

The decorations were appropriate!

The food was deeeelicious!  Seriously.  Props to FMIL for making the tastiest roast I've ever had!

Although Mr. D was exhausted from his bachelor party the night before, he still looked pretty cute!

Though he did choose to skip the alcohol for the night.  Also, his younger cousin found it quite amusing that we switched "bride to be" and "groom to be" buttons :D

Mr. Doxie's parents poured the champagne...

...and we toasted to finding love and happiness.  Oh, and that something good finally came out of all the time Mr. D has spent on the computer! (On the left are Mr. Doxie's best man and his girlfriend)

I was overwhelmed with the amount of love that was in the house that night.  Of course, I know that Mr. D is an amazing guy... it makes sense that so many people would care for him so much!  During my little toast, (during which I'm sure I was bright red) I mentioned how fortunate I am to be able to marry into such an amazing family.  I completely lucked out!  I hope they know how grateful I am that they've made me feel so welcome already.

We wrapped up the evening with some family pictures.  Can you pick out Mr. D, his dad and his brother?  We're gonna have some taaalll kids!

We even received a few gifts!  Completely unnecessary, and so, so generous. 

The best part of the whole night?  When we said our goodbyes, the majority of them said, "See you in May!"  I'm so glad Mr. Doxie will be able to share our day with his family and friends!  To be honest, we didn't expect so many people to make an attempt to make the trek down from Canada.

Did you have a chance to meet your fiance's family before the wedding?  How'd it go?

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