November 2, 2009

We're Legal!

Hey guys!  I suppose another apology is in order; I've been the worst blogger lately, and for that I feel terrible!  But things have finally settled down, and I don't foresee any more extended absences in the near future.

Anyway, a lot has happened since you've seen me last.  Mr. Doxie is in California for good, thank goodness, and we got married!

Well, technically anyway.

There was a slight change in plans, though:  Our legal ceremony wasn't quite the affair that we had imagined.  So that we could include Mr. Doxie's parents, who would only be here for the weekend before Halloween, we decided to do a courthouse ceremony.  Though it wasn't at all what we had planned, I'm glad we decided to do it that way.  Our legal ceremony was intimate and special shared only with our parents.

Along with our parents, Mr. Doxie and I arrived at the elections office in Fresno at 10:15 Monday morning.  It took us about ten minutes to fill out our marriage license application, and about 10 minutes for it to be processed.

Everything was processed, but our dads were missing!  We were pretty anxious waiting for them as they got their coffee... I can't imagine how nervous I'll be in May!  My stepmom surprised us with a small carnation bouquet and boutonniere, which I thought was really sweet.

After the Doxie Dads showed up, we were escorted into a small room and the ceremony.  I was making all sorts of goofy faces...  it's what I do when I'm nervous!

Goofy faces and silly smiles aside, I was thrilled to be there in that room, at that moment, marrying Mr. Doxie.

I think our parents were pretty proud to be there, too.  From left to right: FIL Doxie, Doxie Stepmom and Doxie Dad.  (MIL Doxie was our photographer!)

The ceremony flew by.  Aside from our, "I do's," I have no recollection of what was said.  I was smiling way too hard at Mr. D to pay attention to what that lady was saying to us.

After what seemed like thirty seconds, we got to kiss!  We're married, holy cow!

We had our "reception" at The Elephant Bar in Fresno.  It was great to be able to spend a little bit more time with Mr. Doxie's parents before they had to drive back to Canada.

We were very happy "newlyweds," obviously!

My new family is my favorite.

And my family is pretty fond of their new son-in-law!

So my past week or so has been pretty great!  To clarify, though we're legally married, I'm still Miss Dachshund until May.  Our legal ceremony was just something we had to do to move on with our immigration paperwork.  I mentioned before that I was bummed that our wedding wouldn't be the "real deal"; now I consider myself lucky to be able to marry my love twice!

Soo, I'm sorry that our Hallowedding never was.  Our legal ceremony may have fallen short of fabulous, but it was perfect for us.

Did any of you have to "make it legal" before your wedding?

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