March 12, 2010

Wedding Balloons?

The other day I emailed Mr. Doxie and casually mentioned that it might look nice to use balloons as ceremony decoration.  He couldn't picture what I was talking about, so I responded with this this photo so that he could get a feel for what I was imagining:

"Wut?" was his only response.

I laughed, and then sent him genuine inspiration photos.  No offense, Two Ladies and a Helium Tank, but the balloon arch and pillars aren't really our style.  Those large, perfectly round balloons, however?  I think they're incredibly modern and beautiful if done correctly.  Do you remember this spread from MS Weddings a few months back?  

I love them; they're like a fresh take on paper lanterns.

I've been fretting a bit over our ceremony decoration.  Our ceremony is going to be outdoors, in a large, open grassy area.  Our venue offers a traditional white metal archy thing, but I dunno.  I didn't want an arch decorated with flowers.  It was a little dated to me, and I wasn't sure it would feel cohesive with the rest of our details.

Then, I saw this wedding featured at Green Wedding Shoes.  It pretty much solidified my desire for balloons-as-ceremony-decor.

And think of the pictures we'll be able to take after the ceremony!

I found these pictures late one afternoon while I was still at work, and I sketched out how I think I'd like the balloons set up.

I thought the balloons would make a pretty backdrop for the wedding party.  In my head, I imagined them to be red and a pretty, pale aqua.

I found these, and quickly ordered them to see if I liked the colors in person.  

Weellll, I liked the red.  The blue wasn't aqua, but teal.  Like Cupcake's teal.  Sooo, I didn't know what to do.  Should I go with red and white?

I drew up a few "mock-ups."

I'm not sure what we're going to do.  The balloons are affordable at ~$2.75 a piece, and the shipping was very fast.  

Which do you think would look better?  Would you ever use balloons as part of your wedding decor?

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