September 26, 2009

Dressing Our Party: The Girls

MOH Erin is visiting this week after her return from a month-long European vacation (jealous?  So am I!)  I haven't seen her in over a year due to crazy schedules in both of our lives and a 200 mile stretch of freeway between us.  Although I am beyond excited to see her, her upcoming visit has really turned up the pressure to get all of my wedding thoughts and ideas organized.  I want to make the most out of her few days here because I'm not sure when we'll be able to get together next.  First order of business was figuring out the bridesmaid's dress situation.

Just the phrase, "bridesmaid's dress," is off-putting, isn't it?  I haven't had much personal experience, but I couldn't help but imagine the stereotypical floor-length gown with tons of beading, tons of taffeta and a whole lot of tacky.  Blech!  I didn't want to put my bridesmaids through that.  After all, they're my nearest and dearest!  I want them to love me after the wedding's over!

So I began my search.

I found this first dress back in April right after Mr. Doxie and I got engaged:
It's by Charsa, whose website no longer works.  (Have they gone out of business, does anyone know?)

I was drawn to its retro vibe and imagined it paired with a pair of cute red flats.  It was the first BM dress I was excited about... until one of my more amply bosomed maids expressed her concerns about the logistics of keeping her girls modestly covered.

So I searched some more.

And I found Vivien Leigh by Siri.

Isn't it lovely?  Siri conveniently doesn't list prices on their website, so I called the closest bridal salon that carries the line.  The woman says, "That dress is so pretty!  It's one of the pricier bridesmaid dresses..."  $360.  And that's including the discount for ordering more than three dresses!

My maids all agreed that the dress was great and they'd be willing to fork over the cash for it...  But I'd still feel bad making them spend that much.  I'm keeping it in mind, though... it's just so great!  But I did continue to look around.

Yesterday I found an amazing designer on Etsy.  I'm not sure how I've missed her before, she's been featured in SMP, Offbeat Bride, Martha Stewart Weddings and tons of other wedding blogs.

She's Amanda Archer and she makes adorable dresses.

See for yourself!

Pleats, pockets, ruffles, oh my!

And a super cute strapless dress for good measure:

She takes custom requests; I'd like all of these dresses in a pale aqua cotton fabric.  Her cotton dresses run around $160, so they're definitely a better bargain than the beautiful Vivien Leigh!  I'm thinking of having each bridesmaid choose a style and having them made in the same fabrics.  What do you think?  Fabric swatches have been mailed out and should be here sometime next week, hopefully before MOH goes home; I'd really like her opinion.

Where did you find your bridesmaids' dresses?  Will they all be wearing the same style dress?


  1. UGH! I love the Vivien Leigh dress SO much.

  2. So do I... you like them $150 dollars more than the Amanda Archer ones?