September 27, 2009

Floral Alternatives: Part Two

As a sequel to my last post, in which I wrote about paper flowers and shared inspiration, I'll continue to share my ideas for alternative, DIY flowers... focusing today on flowers made of fabric!

I'm not sure where it was that I saw my first fabric flowers.  Etsy, maybe.  Those little organza flower hairpins have been popular for quite some time, after all.  Anyway, I love the whimsical, DIY feel of colorful fabric flowers!

These colorful blooms made with patterned quilting fabric have so much character!  Only a few flowers make a bit statement.  The sweet little vases play a large part in the role; but with eight months to go thrifting/ebaying/antiquing them would be easy peasy.

The taller arrangement would be lovely on our guestbook table, and I think the smaller vases would make very pretty centerpieces.  These would be great projects for any fabric leftover from our napkins.
Cute in vases

Miss Beagle blogged about these oh-so-romantic fabric mums a few months back and I bookmarked them right away.  Though it's a little pricey, you can purchase a pre-cut kit here.
Jersey flowers 

Buttons twisted onto wires and arranged in various jars and bottles would make really fun centerpieces.
Button bouquet 

Or you can combine the two, fabric and buttons, to create really beautiful, creative bouquets that can be soft and romantic...
Fabric bouquet 

Or bright and super-fun:
Princess lasertron 

Ribbon is also a great medium for DIY flowers!

I think I love the yellow button centers of these daisies the most.  They're so happy!
Ribbon daisy etsy 

These ribbon carnations would look great as a hairpiece or on a stem.  They're made from a wired, silk ribbon... the tutorial seems very do-able!

This bouquet is from Martha Stewart, who else!?  Made of ric-rac, grosgrain and fabric, this might be my favorite of the DIY bouquets.

These aren't flowers, obviously, but I found them on Etsy and I fell in love.  Even if they won't fit in with our wedding decor, they'd look fantastic in my house!
Fabric stem leaves 

I like them all so much I wish that I could attempt them all!  I know that isn't feasible, though.  I have to make a decision soon because the clock is definitely ticking.

Sooo, now you've seen my paper and fabric flower inspiration photos.  Which do you like the best?

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