September 28, 2009

Dressing Our Party: The Guys

A few weeks ago, reader Mrsv2bee posted a link to her photographer's blog on the boards, which led to absolutely gorgeous pictures of her wedding.  Though they were all amazing, one photo of her hubby and his perfectly styled groomsmen caught my eye:

Mrsv2bee guys
Don't they all look so handsome and modern in their light-colored suits and mismatched sneakers?

I've known all along that I don't want our guys to wear traditional tuxes.  I've always pictured light gray suits, stylish ties and classic Vans or Converse.  Fortunately, Mr. Dachshund is on board with this vision.
Until recently, I hadn't really put any effort into searching for our ideal groomsman ensemble.  I had browsed Men's Warehouse's website, but that was about it.  So, in search for inspiration, I turned to Rock 'n Roll Bride, the internet's mecca for modern (and slightly edgy) bridal parties.

Boy was I inspired!
(all photos found browsing Rock 'n Roll Bride's "groom style" tag)
I don't think I want our groomsmen to wear black, but I love the modern fit of these suits.

Mr. Doxie doesn't really like khaki suits, but I love how these are styled.  (That's a pretty impressive beard, don't you think?)

Love, love the vests and colorful skinny ties.  I think I'd have added cute socks, though!

Rockandrollbride skinny ties
More skinny ties.  Plus, there's just something about a man in suspenders!

LOVE the vintage style suspender clips, shoes... everything, actually.  I wonder if they wore jackets at all?

How adorable is this groom?  I really like these suits.  The unique pocket-squares make the look, don't you think?

Aren't those ties fun?  Shutter shades are great for photo-ops, too : )

And last, but certainly not least:  V-neck sweaters.  I'm not really a bow-tie kinda girl, but I'm really digging the look of the sweaters over dress shirts and gray slacks.  I haven't really seen this combination before in a bridal party, but it'd definitely be more pocket friendly than having each GM buy a suit (they all have to purchase plane tickets, too).

I love that non-traditional styles are so widely accepted now in the wedding world.  What are the men in your bridal party going to wear? Are you going to dress your guys up in suits or go with more traditional tuxedos?  Where did you find your inspiration?

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