September 23, 2009

Like a Kid on Chrismas Morning!

I am now the proud owner of...
A Cricut Expression complete with the Sure Cuts A Lot program!!

I bought it the other night on a whim with no project in particular in mind.  While it may not have been the wisest purchase, (especially when I have to pay a $260 dollar speeding ticket next month), I was SO EXCITED to get it home and start cutting.  I'd only heard great things about the Cricut, and after seeing Miss Penguin's adorable stationery she made using it, I was sold.

On my drive home I tried to come up with a worthy first Cricut project and I decided it would be the perfect tool to make our Save The Dates.  After all, I had seen some pretty adorable STDs made using a Cricut!

Finding inspiration in Mrs. Cupcake's cut-out invitations,  I came up with a design for our save the dates that I really ended up liking!

(Tutorial coming soon!)

This is four pieces of paper all together.  The design itself is cut from the top sheet with scrapbook paper behind the date and regular ol' inkjet paper behind the cute little window.  I ran it all through my handy-dandy xyron and sandwiched it all together with a solid piece of cardstock on the back.  (That I also cut with the Cricut... it's great for accuracy!) 

The top portion is intentionally left empty for an extra addition that's in the works.  I can't wait to show them to you once they're finished; they'll be so adorable you'll proooobably explode!

When they're all ready to be shipped off, they'll be placed in these super cute envelopes from Paper-Source:
With an equally cute, but yet-to-be-designed, address label.

I'm pretty excited about them.  They'll be the first wedding idea that I've come up with that I'm not changing!  I can't wait to see what they'll look like fully assembled and get them sent off to our guests.  Hopefully by mid-late October.

So, what about all of you?  Were any of your wedding projects inspired by a fancy-schmancy-crafty gadget?

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