September 24, 2009

My Most Ambitious Project

Lollipop Events & Designs create the cutest, most original party and event designs that I've ever seen.  I don't remember how I came across their website--I'm sure it was during one of my late-night blog hops--but their photo gallery has served as an endless source of inspiration for me.  In fact, I nearly changed my colors after I saw their Barnyard Chic Wedding!

One of the things that really stood out to me in their designs were the infinite amount of details that they included to pull the looks together.  Also, I noticed that in more than one event they used custom napkins!

Lollipop designs nantucket 
{Lollipop Events' "Nantucket Nautical" wedding}

Lollipop designs 
{Lollipop Events' "Barnyard Chic" wedding}

Don't you think the napkins up the originality level tenfold?

My mind was made up! I had to have custom napkins... even if meant spending hours sewing ~150 of them myself!

So I set out to find further inspiration and tutorials on napkin making.  To my complete surprise and excitement, Miss Beagle posted about making her napkins that same week!  I was thrilled!  I wasn't crazy for wanting to sew each dinner napkin, after all!  (Or, maybe I was... but at least I wasn't alone!)

Beagle's post eventually led me the wedding of another bride who made her own napkins, and the creative way she she saved them after her wedding was over.  Look!

Wedding-table- purl bee

Finished napkins 
The napkins on each of her tables were made from a different fabric.

Escort cards 
The escort cards featured fabric from the table to which the guest was assigned.

And then, the kicker:
She turned her beautiful napkins into an amazing quilt.  I HAVE to do this!

I'm not letting the fact that I've never quilted before intimidate me.  Not only is it just too perfect not to try, but I think it will prove to be an excellent post wedding project... something to keep me busy to avoid the dreaded PWD (post wedding depression)!

I've been scouring Etsy for the perfect fabrics to use on my tables.  After a few weeks I think I'm finally finished.

I've found 25 fabrics that I absolutely love.  Little by little, I will start ordering tomorrow (pay-day... this wedding has made each pay check go by way too fast!)

I can't wait to get them so I can start making my napkins!  Stay tuned: I'm sure that despite all of the great tutorials out there, it will be trial and error for me and I'm looking forward to sharing the process!
Will you reuse anything from your wedding to create a keepsake for your home?

All fabrics were found browsing the "supplies" category on Etsy.  Leave me a comment if you'd like to know where you can find any of them.

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