October 7, 2009


Have you ever been forced to wait for something for so long and with such anticipation that once it rolls around it catches you completely off-guard? Well. I’d been going quietly about my day today, entering the piles of paperwork that have been covering my desk for the past month, while my mind was off in the clouds--nervous about meeting every single member of Mr. Dachshund’s extended family this weekend.

Then it hit me.

Mr. Dachshund will be here soon. In-two-weeks soon.


Please don’t misunderstand; I am absolutely excited and thrilled that Mr. D and I get to start our life together, for realz.  However.  I’m also anxious, nervous, overwhelmed and, well, just a tiny bit terrified.

I’ve lived by myself for quite a long time. While Mr. D prooobably won’t mind my habit of walking around in my underwear, I’m sure he won’t appreciate my pants lying on the floor on the exact spot in which they were removed… a habit I’ll soon have try to break. I’ll let you guys in on a little secret: I suffer from an aversion to housework.

It’s not just the superficial things I’m nervous about. I’ve been waiting for this day to come for so long that I never really thought about the changes that it’d bring about… it’s a little bit scary. I think that feeling is justified… change is always scary, right?

On the other hand, sometimes change is “for the better!” When I catch myself mulling over everything in my life that will soon be different, I try to remember why living with Mr. Doxie will be wonderful:
  • I’ll get to wake up with him every morning
  • Rather than turning off the computer at night when we say goodnight, he’ll be there next to me to keep me warm
  • Dinner-and-a-movie isn’t quite as nice when you’re by yourself
  • I’ll get to kiss him every time he makes me smile (he makes me smile a lot)
  • I won’t have to get the stool out if I can’t reach something!
  • There will be less leftovers to go bad in the fridge
  • Our goodbyes will be for hours, not months
  • He makes me happier than anyone ever has, and probably ever will.  So, yeah.  There's that.
So!  Two short, short weeks.  Though I'm more nervous than I ever thought I would be, I'm beyond excited.  I. Cannot. Wait.  I'm ready to embrace every change that will be thrown at me!

With that in mind, what was the best change that you experienced after moving in with your SO?

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