October 4, 2009

My Engagement Ring's First Photo(point-and)shoot

I didn't have a traditional proposal.  I wasn't surprised with a ring and Mr. Dachshund never down on one knee.  Really, our engagement began with the decision to finally start our fiance visa paperwork.

To be honest, I'm alright with that.  In fact, because we did it that way I was able to choose my own engagement ring.  I love Mr. D with all of my heart and I'm sure he would have chosen a lovely ring, but I am quite particular when it comes to the jewelry that I wear.  So, a few weeks after Mr. Doxie and I made it official, I chose my engagement ring online.  It was shipped directly to me, and I had it for about a month before Mr. D saw it in person.  It is absolutely my dream ring and it was well within our (very small) budget.  It's been on my finger for a little over two months now and I still can't help but stare at it.

A few days ago I finally tried to take a few pictures of it that weren't blurry and out of focus.  Eventually I'd like to get a DSLR, but for now I'm stuck with a little Casio point-and-shoot.  I think the pictures came out pretty decently, though!

When imagining my engagement ring, I always dreamed that it would have timeless, vintage details.  The carving on the side of the ring was what won me over!

Of course, the side-stones and beading added to my attraction!

I am absolutely in love with my engagement ring!  Even now, after it has been on my finger for six months, I still catch myself sneaking peeks at it throughout the day!  Even though I picked it out, it still reminds me of Mr. Dachshund.

For the record, Mr. D did eventually propose.  One night during his last visit, he and I were sitting on the porch steps while my puppy (Mini D) was taking her time searching for the perfect spot to potty.  We were ready for bed, tired from our day full of activities and impatiently waiting for Juno to poop.  She takes forever!  Mr. D was was wearing only his boxers as he recited his cute little spiel that he had practiced.  I laughed, and I think I told him I wanted a do-over when he was fully dressed and when there wasn't fresh puppy poop a few feet away  : )  I joked, but I really wouldn't have had it any other way.  Sure I already had the ring on my finger, but his proposal was very endearing and very us.

So, what about all of you?  What came first, the proposal or the ring?  Did your guy choose your ring, or did you get to pick out your own? 

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