December 1, 2009

Commemorating Our First Christmas

The holiday season has officially begun, and I am so, so, so thankful to be spending it with Mr. Dachshund this year.  It's our first Christmas together, and I can't wait to mesh both of our traditions and to begin making our own! 

In the past month or so since the Christmas decorations have been out in stores, (does it seem like it goes up earlier every year!?) I've been searching for a "First Christmas Together" ornament to commemorate the end of our long-distance.  There were a lot of wedding cake ornaments, and while Mr. D and I are technically married, none of those felt right.

Finally, during a random Etsy browing session today, I found the perfect ornaments!  And, they're made by a seller who is not a stranger to Weddingland:  Paloma's Nest.

I love all of them, but the bottom right is my favorite.  Not only is it beautiful, but the symbolism is understated yet still meaningful.  It's definitely going to be a treasured keepsake in the Doxie househould around Christmastime for years to come!

I'm glad that the search for the perfect first ornament had a happy ending; I can't wait to get it and hang it on our tree! 

What did you/are you doing to celebrate your first holiday season together?  Did you find the perfect ornament, gift or tradition to commemorate the occasion?

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