November 30, 2009

The Doxie Save-the-Dates: The Finishing Touch

Some of you may remember my recent Cricut purchase, and the save-the-date mockup that I made as my first cutting project.  Well, it's been two months since I've acquired my favorite new toy and I've definitely been using it enough to get my money's worth!  So far, completing our save-the-dates has been my Cricut's biggest project.  With only six months left on our countdown, marking this project off our to-do list couldn't have come soon enough!

I'm thrilled with how they turned out!  But!  Before I reveal them completely, I need to fill you all in:

Do you remember my mockup?  Cute (if I do say so myself), but there was a big empty space on top that needed filling!

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to include a magnet into our save-the-dates, but I had no idea what to put on them!  Mr. Doxie and I haven't yet taken our engagement photos, and I wanted them to be something that people would enjoy. 

In my pre-beedom, I coveted the creativity of all the bees.  I still do, in fact!  In my obsessive Weddingbee stalking, I came across some adooooorable illustrations by Mrs. Gummi Bear.  Mrs. French Bulldog used one for her rehersal dinner invitations, and she's done some commissions for a handful of Bees.  I fell in love immediately after seeing Mr. and Mrs. FB on the chinese takeout box!  I HAD to have an illustration of Mr. Doxie and me, and I decided that our STD magnets would be its perfect home!

Just a few weeks after contacting Mrs. Gummi Bear via her Etsy shop, she sent me the cutest illustation of us, ever!  I expected to be pleased, but I was blown away with how perfect it was; and it was such a pleasure to work with Mrs. GB.

So without further ado:

Gah!  That looks exactly like Mr. Dachshund!  (We decided it be cute to poke fun at Mr. D's height)

Mrs. Gummi Bear sent me the illustration as a .psd file, and I used Vistaprint to turn them into magnets.  After shipping, it was $60.35 for 100 magnets.  They're a little thin, but the image quality is great.

Here they are, at home on their completed save-the-date!

I just have a few more address labels to complete, and some details on our website to fill in, and they'll be ready to send out.  I can't wait for people to receive theirs in the mail; I still can't get over what a great job Mrs. Gummi Bear did!

How many of you are/have sending out magnets with your save-the-dates?  What did you put on them?

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