January 15, 2010

I'm Torn!

Hokay.  So.  When I last left you, Mr. Dachshund and I had already decided to go with a three-layer cake, and we had a super-awesome design drawn up by Liz at Creme de la Cake.   As soon as we left the bakery, however, I started to have second thoughts.  This had nothing to do with anything other than the fact that I second guess everything.  I am guilty of doubting every decision I've made thus far concerning this wedding.  With the exception of Mr. Dachshund; I know I'm doing the right thing there.

This is the design that Liz and I came up with during our consultation:

Liz did a fantastic job of pulling details from all of my inspiration cakes and putting them together to make one, cohesive cake design.

Layer One: Red velvet cake (because it was delicious and will look great when we cut into it), is covered in white fondant, a red fondant band rolled to mimic grosgrain ribbon, and a line of stitching-like dots.
Layer Two: Vanilla bean cake with chocolate malted buttercream (swoooon), covered in dark aqua fondant with a quilted design pressed into it.  Red dots at each intersection.
Layer Three:  Vanilla bean cake with key lime filling, light aqua fondant topped with red and white sugar flowers.

And because the hand drawing might be hard to interpret, I drew this in Illustrator:

I do really like it, but I'm still drawn to the look of a two-layer cake.  Plus, this cake has a lot going on...  I think I imagined something a little simpler.  Mr. Dachshund definitely wanted something simpler, but he gave all designing rights to me on the condition that he had a say on the flavors.

Using my favorite detail of the above cake, I toyed with some other design ideas and came up with this:

I added in a cake topper from Lollipop Workshop, because I'd really like to have one for our cake.  I'm not sure I would like it on top of the three-layer cake, though, as the top layer is pretty small.

What do you think, Hive?  I can't decide between the two!  Knowing that I no longer need to freeze a layer for our anniversary cake, should I go with the original three-layer design, or my version of a two-layer cake?


  1. I like the three layers but maybe the middle one should be white with the quilting. Its a lot of white on the bottom.

  2. Your two layer design is better! I Love it ...besides...three flavours ..so many choices for us old farts...cake service will take forever...lol

    Auntie Robyn

  3. We decided to go with the two layer! It's just much more similar to what I had in mind. Thanks for your input :D