January 20, 2010

Will Our Wedding Look Like That?

A few weeks ago, Mr. Dachshund saw the movie Big Fish for the first time.  It's my favorite Tim Burton movie (though I suspect that might change in a few months), and I was surprised that he had never heard of it.  Much to my disappointment, Mr. D didn't show much interest in the film... though I wasn't really surprised; our tastes in movies are vastly different.

There was, however, one scene in which Mr. Dachshund perked up, turned to me, and asked, "Will our wedding look like that?"

Can any of you who've seen the movie guess which scene I'm talking about?

The town of Spectre, where the grass is greener than any other, and is soft enough to tread upon without shoes.  And, ohhhh....  Those lights!

Mr. D, I can only dream that our wedding will look like that.

Since then, I've done a little bit of research and the lights aren't too far out of reach, but I still need to contact my venue owner to see if hanging them would even be possible.  I love, love the look, and I love even more how excited Mr. Dachshund was over them!  I know he'd be really happy if I could pull something like this together.

Have you or your fiance(e) found inspiration from Hollywood, or in an otherwise unexpected form?

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