February 26, 2010

Vans Vs. Converse

I knooow my next post was supposed to be the big dress reveal.  But this is a matter of utmost importance!

Our groomsmen need to be informed about their shoe situation.  This is a difficult task considering I haven't yet made that decision!

And boy is it a difficult decision to make.  Waaay back in the beginning of our engagement, back when we chose  our colors, I had mentioned that I'd like for our guys to wear red converse with their suits.  I mentioned this casually way back when.  Yesterday, we received an email from a concerned groomsman regarding their shoes and what they should purchase.

I told them I'd let them know by Sunday.  Before I do that, I'd like your input!  I can't decide between Vans or Converse.  I'm a Vans girl myself, but Converse has so many more customization options!

The Facts: Our groomsmen will be wearing casual, grey suits.  I've given them  general color guidelines and have told them to purchase a suit that they'd be able to wear again.  Our bridesmaids will be wearing a minty aqua colored dress with red flats.  And well, you've all seen my shoes.

The Choices:


Personally, I've always found Vans to be more comfortable than Converse.  Maybe it's because I have wide Fred Flintstone feet.  *Shrug*  I'm not sure if the grey shoes will clash  with the suit if they're different shades.  The only custom aspect of the red Vans is the grey stripe.


The "make-your-own" Converse have many more customization options.  From the shoelaces to the stitching, you can even add a short ID on the heel stripe.  These shoes are (Product)Red and 15% of the price goes to the fight against AIDS.  So that's pretty cool.

They also have these (which I might have to buy for myself):

Buuuut, I don't think our groomsmen want hearts on their shoes!

Maybe some white "bridal" converse for yours truly?  : )

So what do you think?  Should we go with:
A.  Grey Vans
B.  Red Vans
C.  Grey Converse
D.  Red Converse
E.  Skip the tennies all together and stick with dress shoes

Thanks guys!


  1. So this is a really tough decision you have to make! I don't envy you at all! I'm thinking that because your bridesmaids are wearing red shoes, so should your groomsmen... but you probably already thought of that.

    Personally, I like the vans and I think they'll last longer! You see a lot of groomsmen in the converse, so pick vans, your personal favorite and stand out too! Good luck deciding! I can't wait to see the pictures!

  2. I am a converse girl myself, but if you went that route I'd say go with white shoelaces instead of red. I like the grey versions of either shoe best.

  3. I think I like the red Vans--but no matter what you choose, definitely go with the tennies!

  4. A. Grey Vans! A don't like red shoes on--they seem to be good only in theory.