March 2, 2010


No, I don't mean Mr. Dachshund.  Though he certainly is the guy for me, I'm not talking about that "One".  This "One" is The One that I never thought I'd find!  The One that took my breath away, that I had to have.  This One is my dress.
While I personally wouldn't mind Mr. D seeing the dress before the wedding, he's pretty adamant about keeping it secret.  So, if by chance you're reading, don't go any further!

As mentioned here and here, dress shopping wasn't the most pleasant of experiences for me.  When I left David's Bridal, I was optimistic but still worried.  While I was determined to find a dress that looked beautiful on me, I wasn't sure I'd find what I had in mind.

When I continued my search on the internet, I was reacquainted with the beautiful dresses by Stephanie James Couture.  While she had two dresses that would be absolutely perfect, they were just outside of my budget.  I forwarded them to my Aunt anyway; they were tooo beautiful not to share.  

Then, my Google sleuth of an Aunt, (Remember, she's the one that found our venue!) forwarded me this website.  Have you heard of Dolly Couture?  Visit their website.  Beautiful, vintage inspired dresses on the cheap! 

Can you guess which dress I fell in love with?

Is it not amaaaazing?  It's exactly what I had pictured.  If I could design a dress for myself, it would look like that!  I shot the ladies at Dolly Couture an email asking if I could have this dress finished early enough for our May wedding.  Of course!  I could receive it in six weeks with a nominal rush fee.  

Relief washed over me.  I knew that I had found it.  Because Dolly lives in Tarzana, which is a short two-hour drive from me, (and because I can always use the excuse to go down and visit Ikea) I decided to schedule an appointment at her home to hopefully try on some dresses and have my measurements taken.

Well, unfortunately the trying on was a no-go.  The largest size dress she had at her home was a size 8, and believe me when I say there was no way that was getting on.  It wasn't for lack of trying, though!  Dolly was so sweet, though.  She apologized, let me know that she thinks the Beverlywood dress will be perfect for my body shape, and we started taking measurements.  

My dress will be slightly different than the stock Beverlywood, though.  I'm having enough length added so that it hits me below mid-calf, and my sleeves will be slightly longer.

And because I can't get enough pictures of it:

I looove it.  So, so much.  I can't wait to get it in the mail in a few weeks!  Can you imagine it with my shoes?

The best part?  When I showed those pictures to Stepmom Doxie, she mentioned that her grandmother had a veil very similar to the one on the model, and that it's safely stored in a hat box at her sister's house.  I'm crossing my fingers that it's in good shape!  

Did anyone else purchase a dress without even trying it on?  Did you find your "one" on the internet?

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