April 9, 2010

The Doxie Invites: The Big Reveal

I was planning on splitting the invitation reveal up into multiple posts, hence my previous two, but with just over a month left to the wedding I just don't have time.  I'm a huge ball of stress because I have so many things left to do.  Blogging gets pushed to my lunch hours at work, and most of the time I forget to upload my photos.  Anyway, here goes nothing.  I'll keep the commentary to a minimum  : )

Presenting our invitations, which were truly a labor of love frustration.
I didn't feel like editing the pictures for privacy.  Oh wells, don't stalk me guys, k?  The tags were somewhat of an afterthought.  I cut them out with my Cricut and gocco'd the design on the front.

On the back, they served as an inner-envelope so-to-speak.  I wrote the names of everyone invited.  I'm really not sure if anyone even noticed this.

Yummy baker's twine and our fabric-backed invite peeking through the heart.

Cutting, folding, gluing and gocco'ing these sleeves was a major pain in the butt.  But I guuesss it was worth it.

Our invitation, out of its home in its sleeve.  The original plan was to use Lettra paper and gocco everything on them.  That got nixed after the sleeves.  Waaay too much work.  I went with Gmund Digital in white linen purchased here.  It's 110lb and really nice.  And!  They printed perfectly on my home printer.  Sorry Lettra, you're beautiful buy convenience wins.

We went with a postcard for our response cards to save postage and trees.  Same deal with these, used Gmund paper and sent them through the printer.

USPS really needs to update their current stamp collection.  Polar bear?  Really?  Well, at least it matches!
On a side note, it's surprising (and a little sad) how few people are leaving us notes.

And because we're already receiving gifts, I started to make our thank you cards.  They're super easy to make and look pretty awesome.

The back of our thank yous.  These are gonna go in pool (the same color as our sleeves) envelopes and be hand addressed in red ink.

So there they are!  I love them, and I've had a ton of compliments, but they were a pain to make.  
Folding 120 sleeves hurt my fingers.

Sewing 120 invitations and labels took foreeeever.

Don't forget about the tags and gocco'ing.  It was seriously a chore.  On top of that, my dad kept calling to add invitees.  To be honest, my favorite part of making my own invitations was putting them in the mail slot.

If there's one thing I learned from making our invitations, it's that they can't be perfect.  
I kept making small mistakes (like the over-stitch above) and getting frustrated.  I'd throw it in a separate pile and think to myself, "Well, I guess I can give that one to my Grandma."  (She's blind.)  Or, "Urghhh.  I don't think Mr. Doxie's brother will notice this..."

But in the end, I don't know who ended up with my faulty invites.  And I really don't care.  They're done, they're cute, they're somewhat original.  That's the best I could do!

Hope you like them, Hive!

Are you making/did you make your own invitations?  If you could do it over, would you go the same route?

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