April 19, 2010

He Gave Up His Video Games for Me!

Well, not completely.  I don't think Mr. Doxie could ever give up video games, and that's okay.  I enjoy them too.  However, he did trade in a substantial amount of his games to Amazon.com for credit there.  We had planned on doing this a few months ago.  He was going to trade in everything that he no longer played, and buy the new games that he wanted.  Well, we finally sent them in and he got the credit today.  34 games landed us just under $300.00.  It's a loss, yes, but not too bad if you consider they were just sitting on the shelf!

After a bit of light persuasion on my part, Mr. D agreed that it would be okay to see if Amazon sold anything we might need for the wedding.  We still need a lot, and luckily Amazon sells everything!  Our video game shelf is a little barer, but we definitely scored:

We finally got our rings!

This is mine                                       This is Mr. Doxie's.

The groomsmen got their ties:
I think these mint ties will go well with the bridesmaid dresses.

Mr Doxie got his tie:

Finding a red and aqua tie was hard!  Hopefully we like this one when it arrives.
And we got a buttload of candles!  144 votives and a dozen pillar candles.  We'll need many more pillars, but I wanted to see the quality first.

Not too shabby!  I am so appreciative that Mr. Doxie was willing to give up his beloved games to help pull our wedding together.  Also, we get to cross a bunch of things off our list with no out of pocket costs.  Score!

Did you and your FI do any "spring cleaning," so to speak, in order to purchase things for your wedding?

P.S.  My dress was delivered today!  It's currently sitting in my living room waiting for me to get home and open it.  I'm so excited!  Pictures will come soon  : )

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